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Go or Stay

Go or Stay

Please Note:  Due to COVID restrictions the waiting room is closed.

Waiting Room

Parents are welcome to drop their child(ren) off.  Mason Creek Park (with walking trails) is located across the street and next door.  Starbucks, WalMart Supercenter, Katy Mills Mall, Brookshire Brothers Grocery Store, the Katy Library and Mary Jo Peckham Park are all located within 5 minutes of the studio.  If you prefer to stay, a waiting room is provided (see below).

We recommend planning to arrive 10 minutes before class, to allow sufficient time for traffic, shoe changes, etc.  Shoe bins are available in the waiting room for students' dance bags and street shoes.

Please be on time to pick your child up.

Parents of preschoolers must come inside to prepare their child for class and ensure that they are in the dance room before leaving.

A waiting room (with restroom facilities) is available for parents and siblings of students and includes:
- Seating Area
- Some toys
- Magazines for parents
- Books for children and adults
- Viewing window
- Changing table (please discard all diapers in the trash can located on the front porch - thank you!)
- A first aid kit (located above the sink)

Please be sure the waiting room is cleaned up before leaving.  Thank you!

Play Yard

A small play yard is available in front of the studio.

Children not in classes must be supervised by an adult at all times.

No climbing on fences, railings or trees.

No hard balls (including, but not limited to baseballs, soccer balls, footballs).

No digging, disfigurement or defilement of the property.

Children MUST stay indoors, on the porch or in the play yard ONLY!