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Where to buy?

For in-person shopping, we recommend Dance Trends (www.dancetrendshouston.com; 14520 Memorial Dr #106).

For online shopping, we now have a site with options by level and form of dance.  Check it out!  www.shopnimbly.com/EnAvant

How to care for your dancewear

Ballet and Tap shoes should never be worn outside.
Please be sure to wear street shoes when coming or leaving.

We recommend labeling the inside of all shoes with the student's initials with a laundry marker for easy identification.  Please do not mark the outside (including the sole) of the shoes in any way.

Dancewear (leotards & tights) should be washed only in cold water, on the delicate cycle with Woolite.  They should never be put in the dryer, but leotards should be hung to dry and tights should be laid flat on a drying rack (this prevents stretching and mishaping).

If tap students would like to practice at home, we recommend a sheet of plywood on the floor of the garage or a portable practice floor may be purchased from Stagestep.  This prevents damage to the shoes and to mom's linoleum and marble!  Check shoes regularly for missing or loosened nails/screws.  Taps should be a little loose, but nails/screws should not extend below the tap or they will tear up the dance floor.

See your class brochure for details/requirements

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